Concrete Repair Experts

Repair. Strengthen. Protect.


If you have a problem relating to concrete construction anomalies, or concrete degradation, Confirma can advise an appropriate repair strategy or solution.

Concrete Repair

Confirma has extensive experience in concrete repair from initial diagnosis to providing the necessary repair systems and delivery of a quality end product for our clients.

FRP Composite Strengthening

Confirma is the installation expert for specialist composite strengthening systems in the structural repair, protection and retrofit sectors.

Waterstop Injection

Confirma is a market leader in stopping water leaking into concrete structures using specialised injection technology.

Structural Injection

Confirma is a leader in repairing structural cracks in concrete structures using injection technology.

Curtain Injection

Confirma is an expert in waterproofing leaking concrete structures by using hydro-structure gel technology.

Protective Coatings

The first defence of a concrete structure is protection. Confirma has the expertise and access to market leading coating systems to provide a robust first defence.

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About Us

Confirma comes from the Latin verb which means “to make stronger”. We chose this name because at Confirmathat’s exactly what we do – make things stronger.  Stronger bridges and tunnels, but also stronger partnerships and relationships.

Concrete is the building material of the modern world.  We specialise in the repair, strengthening and protection of this material and civil infrastructure markets.

Solutions for the residential and commercial sectors will also be available soon.

The Executive team at Confirma has over 25 years of project management, consulting, diagnostic and remediation experience in the fields of oil & gas, commercial building, civil infrastructure and general construction sectors.